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The album is done! It’s been quite an adventure and I am ready to enter the next phase of The Sound of You once all the pledges have been fulfilled.
A big thank you to everyone who worked on the project, you’ve made it real and most importantly to those who pledged.
We will now be looking for a record label to distribute the CD and will keep you posted on all! In the meantime here is one of the tracks from the album for you to listen to.

Gwen Ansell from Business Day Live writes “These are not love songs for a wide-eyed little ingĂ©nue…such narratives demand thoughtful phrasing and perfect diction as well as a melodious voice. On all counts Kokot delivers… at times, though, both voice and pianism can move upbeat and swing hard when the song demands it. She has produced the kind of album that merits careful listening, and could become addictive.” February 2015

Below is a collage designed by Jan Pulsford featuring special moments during The Sound of You project. Thank you to all the photographers! The collage is part of one of pledge rewards.

Estelle Kokot Collage by Jan Pulsford